Folk art designs - red motive #4

Folk art designs

I used some popular Hungarian folk art (matyó, Kalocsa-i) designs, for example, tulips, paprika, heart, rose, bird, etc. All graphic folk art designs are my own idea and pen. With these graphic designs You can order approx 70 different clothes – t-shirts (premium, street, urban, and …

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cool Chemistry designs, Americium, Am design

cool Chemistry designs

In this post, you can find and see some cool Chemistry designs.  Chemistry is science. Very difficult and interesting science. Both living and inanimate matter are composed of elementary particles, made up of atomic, tiny particles. These particles can be connected to each other they will …

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science of physics designs-colors of light

designs of sciences: Physics

Physics is a science. Graphic designs of sciences, Physics Science designs – Physics,  the laws of life. Physics needs humanity to see how the universe works so that it can facilitate human tasks. These samples were designed primarily for physics teachers and physics students in schools …

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