Funny designs #3

Funny designs #3 I draw these graphic designs for fun. Funny, cool designs – funny sayings – for happy people and children. Some sayings offered for over 18 yo.  This post – the cool designs – funny designs #3 consist three sections. The 1st section is: …

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I am a virgin #1

World water day

Water – the most important compound in the world. We celebrate the world water day on 22nd March. I created on this occasion three graphic designs about water. The three Water World Day graphic designs are water – H2O multilingual water world rain drops in light  …

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water #3

Designs of Chemistry

Don’t you wanna miss the newest graphic designs?Simple click here and subscribe Chemistry is science. Very difficult and interesting science. Both living and inanimate matter are composed of elementary particles, made up of atomic, tiny particles. These particles can be connected to each other they will …

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graphic designs of sports

Graphic designs of Sports – Sport graphic designs not only for professional sportsmen / sportswomen. American Football, Baseball, Ice hockey and Basketball are very popular sports in the world. Lots of people play some sport. Boys and girls play together. These sports have lots of fan, …

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designs of science Physics

Physics is a science. Science designs – Physics,  the laws of life. Physics needs humanity to see how the universe works so that it can facilitate human tasks. These samples were designed primarily for physics teachers and physics students in schools and universities. In the store …

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Ampere equation

Funny designs #2

Funny designs II. – section #1 Funny designs 2nd post section One. In this section you can find sexy and defiantly graphics for women and men.  These designs are I have no thong today It’s my no bra day I have panties free day Invisible caption …

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thong free day

Graphics for Beer drinkers

Beer is very popular drink. Men and women drink beer, it’s easy alcoholic drink, refreshing, soft drink. Graphics for beer drinkers were designed, created them, us. Here you can find difficult and simple graphics as well. I hop(e) 🙂 you and your family and your friends …

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Valentine’s day graphics

Great feeling to love somebody, great feeling to be loved, best feelin to love each other with Her /Him. These graphic was created for couples in love, for spouses. The Valentine’s day is coming, 14th February the date you confess love to your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife …

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My love

Countries – Eastern Europe

Countries – Eastern Europe graphics, graphic designs. Maps of Eastern European countries with capitals, flags and islands. I wear Hungary graphic designed t- shirt, because I’m Hungarian.  In this post you can find and see the following countries: Lietuva (Lithuania) Latvija (Latvia) Eesti (Estonia) Беларусь (Belarus) …

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