graphic designs

eagle art

Birds graphic designs

Graphic art designs of birds – birds graphic designs. Te men always wanted to know how to fly the birds. In this post, you can see some birds graphic designs. With these graphic designs You can order almost 70 different clothes – t-shirts (premium, street, urban, …

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blissful smiley

Funny emoticons, smileys

Funny emoticons graphic designs. The emojis, smileys – emoticons help you to say what you’re feeling. These funny emoticons I created for you all, I hope I make you smile, I can help you to reflect with your clothing and/ or your feelings, sentiments.  With these …

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black horse

Horse, Pony, Donkey designs

Horse, pony, donkey designs, graphics for horsemen, kids, adults, families, farmers. The equestrian sports are popular and nice sports. Horses and foals and donkeys are all beautiful animals. My father had a donkey and later we had almost 30 horses. When a foal was born the …

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Fish graphic designs

Fish graphic designs for fishermen, fisherwomen, kids, and stylists. Fishing is a very popular sport, men are fishing by lakes, by rivers, and on the sea. There are many many kinds of fish. I used to be fishing when I was a child, nowadays I don’t …

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red rose

Flower designs

Flower designs for women, men, and kids. Everybody loves flowers, the rose is the most liked flower in the world, the 1st section is about roses.  My favorite flower is the sunflower. The simple red and simple blue flowers – inspired by folk art. With these …

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red motif #2

Folk art Motifs, motives

Folk art motifs: colorful and blue, red motives. This post contains folk art red motives. All motifs are my own idea,  I used some popular Hungarian patterns and motifs, for example, tulip, paprika, heart, rose, bird, etc. With these graphic designs You can order more than …

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Funny designs #3

Funny designs #3 I draw these graphic designs for fun. Funny designs #3- funny sayings – for men and women. Some designs for women, others for men, and there are some fun designs for men and women as well. Some sayings offered for over 18 yo.  …

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Designs of Chemistry

Chemistry is science. Very difficult and interesting science. Both living and inanimate matter are composed of elementary particles, made up of atomic, tiny particles. These particles can be connected to each other they will be molecules. Science designs of Chemistry were created for fun and science …

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colors of light

designs of sciences: Physics

Physics is a science. Graphic designs of sciences, Physics Science designs – Physics,  the laws of life. Physics needs humanity to see how the universe works so that it can facilitate human tasks. These samples were designed primarily for physics teachers and physics students in schools …

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thong free day

Funny designs #2

Funny designs #2 – section #1 Funny designs 2nd post section One. In this section you can find sexy and defiantly graphics for women and men.  These designs are I have no thong today It’s my no bra day I have panties free day I have …

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