In this post, you can find and see some cool Chemistry designs.  Chemistry is science. Very difficult and interesting science. Both living and inanimate matter are composed of elementary particles, made up of atomic, tiny particles. These particles can be connected to each other they will be molecules. Science designs of Chemistry were created for fun and science in one.

With these graphic designs, You can order approx 70 different clothes – t-shirts (premium, street, urban, and vintage shirt),  hoodies, long sleeves, tops, jackets for men, women, kids, and babies, and lots of accessories – mugs, travel mugs, etc…

Cool Chemistry designs 

  • Estrogen design for women
  • Testosterone design for men
  • Caffeine design for coffee lovers
  • Ethanol design for drinkers
  • Aurum – Gold design for citizens
  • Ferrum – Iron design for citizens
  • Americium design for Americans
  • Californium design for citizens in California
  • Gallium design for French people
  • Germanium design for German people

My favorite elements designs:



  • Phosphorus Oxygen Radon – P O Rn
  • Phosphorus Uranium Sulphur Sulphur Yttrium  – P U S S Y
  • Fluorine Uranium Carbon Kpotassium – F U C K

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