Math graphic designs

Math graphic designs – graphic designs about Math for teachers, students, mathematicians, and every Math lovers. Math is the Lord of sciences. You compute with number in Physics, in Chemistry, in Biology and in Music as well. The man always use math, when you were born you get the date of born (numbers), when you go to shop everything has price (numbers), when you get salary (numbers), etc.

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Math graphic designs I. - geometry

The first 10 math graphic designs are:

  • Circle with perimeter and area formulas
  • Square and rectangle area and perimeter formulas
  • triangles with area and perimeter formulas
  • rhombus and parallelogram with perimeter and area formulas
  • deltoid and trapezoid with perimeter and area formula – volume and surface area
  • pyramid and prism – volume and surface area
  • cube and rectangular prism – volume and surface area
  • cylinder and cone – volume and surface area
  • sphere – volume and surface area

Geometry - perimeters and areas

Circle with perimeter and area

Square and rectangle with perimeter and area

Triangles with perimeter and area

Rhombus and parallelogram with perimeter and area

Deltoid and trapezoid with perimeter and area

Sphere with surface and volume

Cube and rectangular prism with surface and volume

Pyramid and prism with surface and volume

Cylinder and cone with surface and volume

Math graphic designs II. - Logatrithm and Trigonometry

Math graphic design #2 is about secondary school math studies, problems. 

Trigonometry helps you to calculate the sides and angles of a triangle.

You should know the meanings of sine, cosine, tangent, and cotangent.

These designs help you to teach, these graphics help you to learn, study Math.

This post contains


  • Trigonometric definitions (sine, cosine, tangent and cotangent)
  • Quadratic formula
  • Logarithm

Math graphic designs IΙI. - Important and famous numbers in Math

Math graphic designs – Math designs collection #3 –  – important and famous numbers in Math.

These numbers are very important numbers for humans. These famous numbers help to mankind to calculate for example the area of a circle, the surface of a sphere, calculate with logarithm, etc…

The famous numbers in mathematics.

  • π – pi 3,141592653589793238462… 
  • e – Euler number – 2,718281828459045235360287471352662497757247…
  • φ – golden ratio / golden cut – 1,61803398874989484804586834… 

Math graphic designs IV.

Math designs collection #4. Math – Fibonacci’s famous sequence, Riemann hypothesis, Fermat little theorem, Euler product formula.

The most famous sequence in the word is the Fibonacci sequence – it’s my design about this sequence of numbers. 

These three math famous sequences

  • Fibonacci sequence
  • Fermat’s little theorem
  • Riemann hypothesis
  • Euler product formula

Math graphic designs V.

 The 5th post of math designs collection: Math – the complex math.

These formulas are used only by mathematicians, and engineers. If you wanna be an engineer or mathematician or programmer, you have to study at uni. 

These designs can help you memorize and you wear a tee with one of these designs on streets or at parties. 

The collection of 5th math designs – complex math

  • Derivation rules / Derivatives
  • Integrals / Integration rules

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