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Threepppee and Threekkkee

Threepppee and Threekkkee are friends, this page is about them.

Threepppee, the weird, cool character by wowitmytshirt.

Threepppee was designed only by using triangles and gray color. 

Threepppee has feelings, sometimes Threepppee happy, sometimes sad or curious. 

Threepppee sometimes plays, walks, eats, drinks and sleeps. Threepppee has a friend, he is Threekkkee. 

Threepppee's story

Threepppee is a girl. She was born on the planet Earth. Her first name was Teresa,  Tressy, when she was born. She had sister and brother and lot of friends. Her IQ was over 200. She built an spaceship, when she was only 3 yo. As she flied to Triangle planet with her vehicle there she met aliens. The aliens brought her to the Triangle university. On this planet – far from Earth – she learned to speak lot of languages, she learned to fly, she learned play lot of games. When she came back, her face and body changed to triangles. She can change her own body, she can do quicker and better anything, than others. Her name also changed: She is Threeppppee now. Her Friend is Threekkkee. His name was Richard, Ricky. When Tressy  as Threepppee came back from Triangle planet, she ask her best friend to go with her to visit the faraway planet. Ricky went with her. When they get there, Ricky’s look, body and face also changed. Now he is Threekkkee. Their story continued,  they are still close friends, but they are absolutely different children.

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Threepppee's designs

Threepppee & Threekkkee graphic designs

  • Threepppee, the weird character girl
  • Threekkkee, the weird character boy
  • Threepppee & Threekkkee
  • Threepppee is happy
  • Threepppee is sad
  • Threepppee is satisfied
  • Threepppee is angry
  • Threepppee has long hair
  • Threepppee is bald
  • Threepppee has a big nose
  • Threepppee has big ears
  • Threepppee is surprized
  • Threepppee is curious
  • Threepppee feels cold
  • Threepppee has eardrops
  • Threepppee plays ice hockey
  • Threepppee plays basketball

Threeppppee - the weird character girl


Threekkkee - the weird character boy

Threeppppee & Threekkkee

Threeppppee is satisfied

Threeppppee has long hair

Threeppppee has a big nose

Threeppppee has big ears

Threeppppee is surprized

Threeppppee is curious

Threeppppee feels cold

Threeppppee has eardrops

Threeppppee plays ice hockey

Threeppppee plays basketball

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